单词辨析 | spur,spurn


  • spur
  • spurn

spurn可以记成对spur say no -> spurn


含义:n. 一时冲动之下,心血来潮;刺激,激励;山嘴,尖坡;(公路或铁路的)支线,岔线;马刺,靴刺

英文短含义:To spur something on is to get it going, to encourage it, to hasten it or stimulate. Cowboys wear spiky metal tools called spurs on their boots to kick their horses and spur them to greater speed./


英文长含义:Economists talk of lowering interest rates to spur spending. A new source of funding for research will hopefully spur new proposals for research from scientists. An earthquake in China might spur cities in California to a higher standard of earthquake preparedness. You might spur your team on to victory by cheering from the sidelines.


例句1:Ernest had bought it on the spur of the moment in 1950 as “a place where he could get away from the telephone and the pressures of his regular work,” Molly recalled.
莫莉回忆说,欧内斯特在 1950 年一时冲动买下了它,因为“这是一个他可以远离电话和日常工作压力的地方”。
– from Big Science

例句2:After a while he saw a farmhouse and a man standing out in a field, in a peach orchard, and he spurred that way.
– from The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War

例句3:The shocking images seen all over the world drove people out of their complacency and spurred them to put pressure on leaders in our city.
– from While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age during the Civil Rights Movement


含义:vt. 唾弃;冷落;一脚踢开

英文短含义:If you reject your mother’s offer to buy you a pair of lederhosen with a snort and eye roll, you are spurning her generosity. To spurn means to reject with disdain./


英文长含义:Originally, to spurn was to kick away. Though it’s not used in that context so often anymore, being spurned still feels like a kick in the gut. You can reject someone kindly, or let them down easily, but you can’t spurn someone with anything but malice.


例句1:The deeper we get into “Deviation,” which zigzags between historical periods and spurns any notion of chronology, the messier her motives appear.
– from The Story of the Girl Who Volunteered To Be Imprisoned by the Nazis

例句2:She dressed plainly and modestly, spurned every extravagance, and never turned down the chance to put money in the bank.
– from Hidden Figures

例句3:Laura spurned Hakeem’s advance this week, informing him that she’s not like other girls, but what if she didn’t quite mean what we think she did?
– from ‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 5: Baptism

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