单词详解 | razzle-dazzle

美音:/ˈræzl ˈdæzl/,英音:/ˈræzəlˈdæzəl/


“It’s not just razzle-dazzle stuff and big musical numbers. Our challenge is to never lose sight of the family aspect. And I think — I hope — we’ve succeeded in that.”
Los Angeles Times

Some may think it would assemble a razzle-dazzle new army for the heavens that would deploy soldiers in space or arm astronauts with galactic superweapons.
Seattle Times

That may be just what some are craving; too much Broadway razzle-dazzle isn’t exactly a problem right now, with theaters closed until at least summer.
Washington Times

any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent
n. 混乱,狂欢;旋转舞台




The razzle-dazzle of Harvey and his wife on red carpets all over the world was a good distraction when fewer awards were coming his way.
Fashion Breaks Its Silence on Harvey Weinstein Scandal by Vanessa Friedman, Jacob Bernstein and Matthew Schneier

Late in the season, in a moment of pure razzle-dazzle, she uncloaks the assets that captured the title of Miss Las Vegas Showgirl 1962 and proves she still has it 25 years later.
在本季后期,在一个纯粹的眼花缭乱的时刻,她揭开了夺得 1962 年拉斯维加斯歌舞女郎称号的资产,并证明她在 25 年后仍然拥有它。
The Week in Arts: Dancing Around Graves, Beach Read Flicks and ‘GLOW’ by ???

But if you perform it more often, you’ll see acting more as a job than as a one-off, razzle-dazzle thing.
How to act: stage stars share their acting tips by Laura Barnett

razzle-dazzle (n.) “A word, app. of U.S. coinage, used to express the ideas of bewilderment or confusion, rapid stir and bustle, riotous jollity or intoxication, etc. Also, deception, fraud; extravagant publicity” [OED],  1886, American English slang, varied reduplication of dazzle (q.v.).My confrère, The Chevalier, last month gave a new name to the scarfs of disjointed pattern when he called them the razzle-dazzle. The name was evidently a hit of the most patent character, for in several avenue and Broadway stores the clerks have thrown out a display of broken figures before me and explained that the ruling style at present was the razzle-dazzle, and the word seems to have been equally effective with the public, for when it is quoted by the live salesman, the customer, I am told is at once interested and caught by it. [Clothier and Furnisher magazine, January 1889]Meaning “state of confusion” is from 1889.Related entries & more

razzle-dazzle (n.)“一个词,美国造币的应用,用于表达困惑或混乱、快速的骚动和喧嚣、狂欢或陶醉等概念。此外,欺骗、欺诈;奢侈的宣传” [牛津英语词典],1886 年,美国英语俚语,dazzle 的不同重复(qv)。我的同事 The Chevalier 上个月给杂乱图案的围巾起了一个新名字,他称它们为 razzle-dazzle。这个名字显然是最明显的打击,因为在大街和百老汇的几家商店里,店员在我面前展示了一个破碎的数字,并解释说目前的统治风格是 razzle-dazzle,这个词似乎对公众同样有效,因为当现场推销员引用它时,据我所知,客户会立即感兴趣并被它吸引。 [Clothier and Furnisher 杂志,1889 年 1 月]“混乱状态”的意思来自 1889 年。相关条目及更多

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