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  • mortality
  • morality




含义:n. 死亡人数,死亡率;必死性,终有一死;死亡

英文短含义:One of the most difficult things for a child is experiencing the death of a beloved pet; it’s a hard lesson in mortality. Mortality is the quality of being mortal, or the reality of death./


英文长含义:It’s not easy for most people to come to terms with their own mortality, or the fact that they really will die someday. Mortality can refer to an individual or to a larger group of people, particularly when you’re talking about the total number of deaths within a population, using the phrase mortality rate. The words mortality and mortal come from the Latin root mortis, or “death.”


例句1:Go up 1 percent to a 96 percent death rate and the figure jumps to 12.5 million—creating more than two million people arithmetically from a tiny increase in mortality rates.
死亡率上升 1% 至 96%,这个数字跃升至 1250 万——从算术上来说,死亡率的微小增加创造了超过 200 万人。
– from 1491

例句2:Graunt compiled statistics for the number born and dying each year, and the causes of death, from the annual bills of mortality that were published in London.
– from The Invention of Science

例句3:Even the titles of their plays were strangely seductive, trapdoors to something beautiful and wicked that trickled beneath the surface of mortality: The Malcontent.
– from The Secret History


含义:n. 道德,品行;正当性

英文短含义:Morality is a concern with what’s right or wrong. Your sense of morality prevents you from cheating on your school exams, on your taxes, or on your spouse./


英文长含义:You’ll notice the word moral is in morality. And you might remember reading fairy tales that ended with the phrase, “The moral of the story is…” That’s because stories for children are often intended to instruct kids as to what the good or right decision is in a situation. For example, Cinderella teaches kids that if their foot fits the glass slipper, they can end up marrying a prince. How’s that for morality?


例句1:“And they are—when they attempt to masquerade as men. They aren’t capable of right thinking, of human morality. They are meant to be controlled.”
– from Six of Crows

例句2:Sedulously, he had once avoided the clusters of boys who haunted the locker rooms with their salient, knowledgeable talk in which his finely honed sense of morality denied him participation.
– from The Great Santini

例句3:And Verdi understood that opera was at its most powerful when attempting to impart universal truths through emotionally engaging morality fables.
– from The Story of Music

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