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含义:n. 船,舰;(人或动物的)血管,(植物的)导管;(盛液体用的)容器,器皿;(有某种特质或用途的)人

英文短含义:What do a canoe, a soda can, and your arteries have in common? Each one is a type of vessel. A vessel can be a ship, a container for holding liquids, or a tube that transports blood throughout your body./


英文长含义:Vessel has a number of different meanings, yet all of them relate in some way to liquids and transportation. This relationship in meaning has existed in language for a long time; the word vessel comes from the Latin word, vascellum, which also means both “vase” and “ship.” The use of the word vessel in reference to “blood vessels” came about in English during the 14th century.

容器有许多不同的含义,但它们都以某种方式与液体和运输有关。这种意义上的关系在语言中存在了很长时间; vessel 这个词来自拉丁语 vascellum,也有“花瓶”和“船”的意思。在 14 世纪的英语中,使用“血管”一词来指代“血管”。

例句1:And think of how that vessel was taken, shattered on the concrete, and all its holy contents, all that had gone into him, sent flowing back to the earth.
– from Between the World and Me

例句2:Standing beside the ponds edge, she looked up at the vessels smooth side toward the low railing that edged the deck.
– from Son

例句3:The Princeton boys, though, found it inconvenient to row among the coal barges and recreational vessels that also made use of the canal, so they got Andrew Carnegie to build them a private lake.
– from The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics


含义:n. 诸侯;封臣

英文短含义:If this were Medieval Europe, you would probably be a vassal — like most everyone else. Vassals were people who worked the vast plots of land that were held by lords, who though much fewer in number, held all the wealth and power./


英文长含义:In days of yore, vassals pledged devotion to feudal lords, who were the landowners, in exchange for protection and use of the land—-called a fief. Use vassal when referring to a servant, or anyone wholly dependent on another, or to describe a place that is controlled by one that is more powerful. For example, during World War II, Poland was a vassal of Germany.

在过去,诸侯们效忠于封建领主,即地主,以换取对土地的保护和使用——称为采邑。在指代仆人或完全依赖另一个人的任何人,或描述一个由更强大的人控制的地方时,使用 vassal。例如,在二战期间,波兰是德国的附庸国。

例句1:The beaten, humiliated Kaan lost the support of its vassals and was reduced to penury.
– from 1491

例句2:”Western weaponry is not playing a decisive role on the battlefield, regardless of what the Ukrainians and their vassals are saying.”
– from Moscow seeking Iran, North Korea arms? Show us proof, says Russia

例句3:The High Middle Ages, with its tradition of courtly love that reflected the bonds of reciprocity between vassal and lord, offered a much friendlier playing field for women—particularly those in the nobility.
– from Obsessed with Anne Boleyn

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