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But although mortgage rates may be lower per month, the overall cost of the loan will be higher due to more interest accruing over time.

Beyond the individual benefits that accrue to degree holders, the U.S. economy needs more workers with postsecondary educations.
Washington Post

Republicans had hoped that the confluence of voters’ persistent economic concerns and Ms. Cortez Masto’s own difficulties establishing a brand for herself would accrue to Mr. Laxalt’s advantage.
New York Times

grow by addition
v. (利益、好处等)产生,形成;(钱不断地)积累,增加;准备累算偿付


To accrue is to accumulate or to keep growing in value or size. If you can accrue enough extra credit to build up your grade, you won’t have to take the final exam.

Early forms of the word accrue were used as early as the 15th century with the meaning “to increase” or “to grow.” Many modern uses for accrue involve money or finances, as when you accrue, or earn, interest on a bank account. You can accrue debt too, as interest grows on top of money owed until you pay it back. It’s possible to accrue benefits over the time you work somewhere, or you can accrue demerits while you’re misbehaving somewhere.
accrue 这个词的早期形式早在 15 世纪就被使用,意思是“增加”或“增长”。应计的许多现代用途都涉及金钱或财务,例如当您在银行账户上累积或赚取利息时。你也可以累积债务,因为利息会随着所欠款项的增加而增加,直到你还清为止。有可能随着你在某处工作的时间累积收益,或者当你在某处行为不端时累积过失。

But in the careful accruing of Oates’s narrative, he becomes something more real and complex: a father shattered by guilt, a husband incapable of arresting his wife’s depression, a carpenter bravely laboring through crippling pain.
Joyce Carol Oates’s new novel arrives splattered with our country’s hot blood by https://www.facebook.com/roncharles

In her by-now-characteristic fashion, Penny simultaneously unspools several suspense narratives, each of them accruing power and threat, faster and faster, until the novel closes in a crescendo of violence, unmasking and regret.
Review | Louise Penny’s new novel shows once again why she’s a crowd favorite by ???

Kindness and wisdom, always flickering through these pages, begin to accrue more thickly.
Review | Ocean Vuong’s ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’ is permanently stunning by https://www.facebook.com/roncharles

accrue (v.)formerly also accrew, mid-15c., acreuen, in reference to property, etc., “to fall to someone as an addition or increment,” from Old French acreue “growth, increase, what has grown,” fem. of acreu, past participle of acreistre (Modern French accroître) “to increase,” from Latin accrescere “grow progressively, increase, become greater,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + crescere “grow” (from PIE root *ker- (2) “to grow”). Related: Accrued; accruing.Apparently an English verb from a French noun because there is no English noun to go with it until much later (the earliest seems to be now-obsolete accrue, 1570s), unless the record is defective. From late 15c. as “happen or result as a natural growth;” from 1881 as “gain by increment, accumulate.” Alternative verb accrete “grow by adhesion” (1784) is rare, as is accresce (1630s), from Latin accrescere.Related entries & more

accrue (v.)以前也 accrew,mid-15c.,acreuen,指的是财产等,“作为增加或增加而落入某人手中”,来自古法语 acreue“增长,增加,增长的东西,”女性。 acreu 的过去分词 acreistre(现代法语 accroître)“增加”,来自拉丁语 accrescere“逐渐增长,增加,变得更大”,来自 ad“to”(参见 ad-)+ crescere“grow”(来自 PIE 词根 * ker- (2) “成长”)。相关:应计; accrue.显然是法语名词的英语动词,因为直到很久以后才出现英语名词(最早的似乎现在已经过时了,1570 年代),除非记录有缺陷。从 15 世纪末开始。作为“自然增长的发生或结果;”从 1881 年起称为“增量,积累”。替代动词 accrete “grow by adhesion”(1784 年)很少见,accresce(1630 年代)也很少见,来自拉丁语 accrescere。相关条目及更多

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