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For the last two years, Americans had to watch an absurd charade in which extra innings began with a runner on second base.
Washington Post

In “Winners Take All,” Giridharadas confessed: “I earn a chunk of my income giving speeches,” and “I was attending conferences claiming to ‘change the world’ long before I came to see them as a charade.
在“赢者通吃”中,Giridharadas 承认:“我的大部分收入都是通过演讲赚取的”,并且“在我开始将它们视为一场游戏之前很久,我就参加了声称要‘改变世界’的会议。
Washington Post

And on Friday, after Trump raised the issue again, the Archives sought to put an end to the charade.
Washington Post

a word acted out in an episode of the game of charades
n. 装模作样,做戏;打哑谜猜字游戏


A charade is something done just for show. Your devotion to vegetarianism would be a charade if you actually ate cheeseburgers when no one was looking.

When you want things to appear different than they really are, you might be tempted to put on a charade, like a charade of happiness when you are really feeling down. Charade is also the name for a silently-acted clue in the game called Charades — which originally wasn’t silent. It used indirect descriptions of the words.
当你想让事情看起来与实际情况不同时,你可能会想要装出一个字谜游戏,就像当你真的情绪低落时的一个快乐的字谜游戏。 Charade 也是游戏 Charades 中一个默默行动的线索的名称——最初并不是沉默的。它使用了单词的间接描述。

How might you determine whether the lack of discrimination against blacks and women represents a true absence or just a charade?
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt

“Let’s drop the charade. We are both interested in that book for the same reason: Mr. Griswold’s ridiculous game.”
Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Eventually they venture to the Kennedy homestead in Hyannisport, where they endure endless rounds of charades and games of football.
He Knew What Jackie Gave Up for the Kennedys. This Is His Story. by Elisabeth Egan

charade (n.)1776, from French charade (18c.), probably from Provençal charrado “long talk, chatter,” which is of obscure origin, perhaps from charrar “to chatter, gossip,” of echoic origin. Compare Italian ciarlare, Spanish charlar “to talk, prattle.”An enigma whose solution is a word of two or more syllables, each of which separately significant in sound, and which, as well as the whole word, must be discovered from a dialogue or description in which it is used, or from dramatic representation. [Century Dictionary] The thing itself was originally a verse word-play based on enigmatic descriptions of the words or syllables according to particular rules.As we have ever made it a Rule to shew our Attention to the Reader, by ‘catching the Manners living, as they rise,’ as Mr. Pope expresses it, we think ourselves obliged to give Place to the following Specimens of a new Kind of SMALL WIT, which, for some Weeks past, has been the Subject of Conversation in almost every Society, from the Court to the Cottage. The CHARADE is, in fact, a near Relation of the old Rebus. It is usually formed from a Word of two Syllables; the first Syllable is described by the Writer; then the second; they are afterwards united and the whole Word marked out …. [supplement to The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure, volumes 58-59, 1776] Among the examples given are:My first makes all nature appear of one face;At the next we find music, and beauty and grace;And, if this Charade is most easily read,I think that the third shou’d be thrown at my head.The answer is “snow-ball.” The silent charade, the main modern form of the game, was at first a variant known as dumb charades that adhered to the old pattern, and the performing team acted out all the parts in order before the audience team began to guess.There is one species of charade which is performed solely by “dumb motions,” somewhat resembling the child’s game of “trades and professions”; but the acting charade is a much more amusing, and more difficult matter. [“Goldoni, and Modern Italian Comedy,” in The Foreign And Colonial Quarterly Review, vol. vi, 1846] An 1850 book, “Acting Charades,” reports that Charades en Action were all the rage in French society, and that “Lately, the game has been introduced into the drawing-rooms of a few mirth-loving Englishmen. Its success has been tremendous.” Welsh siarad obviously is a loan-word from French or English, but its meaning of “speak, a talk” is closer to the Provençal original.Related entries & more

charade (n.)1776,源自法语 charade (18c.),可能源自普罗旺斯语 charrado“长谈,喋喋不休”,起源不明,也许源自 charrar“喋喋不休,八卦”,具有回声来源。比较意大利语 ciarlare,西班牙语 charlar “说话,喋喋不休”。一个谜,它的答案是两个或多个音节的单词,每个音节在声音上分别有意义,并且必须从对话中发现它以及整个单词或使用它的描述,或来自戏剧表现。 [Century Dictionary] 这件事本身最初是一种基于根据特定规则对单词或音节进行神秘描述的诗歌文字游戏。正如我们曾经通过“捕捉生活礼仪”来向读者展示我们的注意力一样,随着他们的崛起,”正如教皇先生所表达的那样,我们认为我们有义务让以下一种新的小机智的标本占有一席之地,在过去的几个星期里,几乎每个社会都在谈论它,从法院到小屋。事实上,CHARADE 是旧 Rebus 的近亲。它通常由两个音节的单词组成;第一个音节由作者描述;然后是第二个;它们随后结合在一起,整个词被标出……[《知识与快乐的世界杂志》增刊,第 58-59 卷,1776 年]给出的例子包括:接下来我们找到音乐、美丽和优雅;而且,如果这个 Charade 是最容易阅读的,我想第三个应该会被扔到我头上。答案是“雪球”。无声字谜是现代游戏的主要形式,最初是沿袭旧模式的变种哑字谜,由表演队按顺序表演所有部分,观众才开始猜。有一个一种完全由“哑动作”表演的字谜游戏,有点像儿童的“行业和职业”游戏;但演戏是一件更有趣、更困难的事情。 [“Goldoni 和现代意大利喜剧”,载于《外国和殖民地季刊评论》,卷。 vi, 1846] 一本 1850 年的书“Acting Charades”报道称,Charades en Action 在法国社会风靡一时,并且“最近,该游戏已被引入一些喜欢欢乐的英国人的客厅。它成功是巨大的。”威尔士语 siarad 显然是法语或英语的外来词,但它的“说话,谈话”的意思更接近普罗旺斯语的原文。相关条目及更多

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