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In the House, 13 Republicans joined Democrats to pass the boondoggle, explode inflation and give Mr. Biden a huge political win.
在众议院,13 名共和党人与民主党人一道通过了这个骗局,引爆了通货膨胀,并为拜登先生带来了巨大的政治胜利。
Washington Times

Abbott is now seeking private donations to defray the cost of his bus boondoggle.
Washington Post

Ms. Ernst, in her Squeal Award, said at a time when Americans are facing soaring inflation and struggling to buy Christmas presents, it’s unseemly for governments to blow taxpayer dollars on boondoggles.
Ernst 女士在她的 Squeal Award 中说,在美国人面临高涨的通货膨胀和难以购买圣诞礼物的时候,政府将纳税人的钱花在无赖上是不恰当的。
Washington Times

work of little or no value done merely to look busy
n. 手工品;细小而无用的事;劳动力和生产工具不经济的利用


A boondoggle is a useless, trivial piece of work — it’s a waste of time. If you’re serious about your career, you should avoid boondoggles.
boondoggle 是无用的、微不足道的工作——这是浪费时间。如果你认真对待自己的事业,就应该避免胡作非为。

Boondoggle is a silly sounding word for a silly project. Any endeavor that’s a total waste of time or has no value could be called a boondoggle, especially if you’re doing it just to look busy and important. The verb boondoggle means to do that useless work. If the mayor spends all his time promoting an eagle reserve in the middle of the Bronx instead of focusing on subway repairs, you could call that a boondoggle.
Boondoggle 是一个愚蠢的项目的一个听起来很愚蠢的词。任何完全浪费时间或毫无价值的努力都可能被称为无稽之谈,尤其是当你这样做只是为了看起来很忙和重要的时候。动词 boondoggle 的意思是做无用的工作。如果市长把所有时间都花在推动布朗克斯中部的老鹰保护区,而不是专注于地铁维修,那你可以称之为无稽之谈。

These “boondoggles,” as the report calls them, would harm local communities and exacerbate climate change, all while failing to solve the traffic and safety problems they claim to address.
Against federal guidance, states plan to expand highways by Joseph Winters

It’s as if everyone in the party was in on the boondoggle.
Herschel Walker is a pawn in a game he’s not aware is being played by LZ Granderson

The Underdowns don’t like to come out here in the boondoggles, so believe you me this was an occasion.
Underdowns 不喜欢在这里闹事,所以相信你我这是一个机会。
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

boondoggle (n.)”wasteful expenditure,” especially by the government under guise of public good, April 1935, American English; earlier it was a name for a kind of braided leather lanyard made by Boy Scouts and worn by them around the neck or hat. In this sense it is attested from 1930, and according to contemporary accounts the thing and the word were invented around 1928 by the Order of the Arrow of Scouts in Rochester, N.Y. The name might be arbitrary; once it became a vogue word, some newspapers claimed it had been a pioneer word for “gadget,” but evidence for that is wanting.The Prince of Wales was given one by the Rochester Scouts at the Jamboree in the summer of 1929, and wore it, and the boondoggle first came to public attention. In early April 1935, a dispute erupted in New York City over wastefulness in New Deal white-collar relief work programs, including one where men made boondoggles all day. Headline writers picked up the word, and it became at once a contemptuous noun or adjective for make-work projects for the unemployed.What is all this boondoggling anyhow? If we don’t know, it isn’t because we haven’t been trying to find out. First used by a witness in a Federal relief investigation, the word has swept the country. [Frances Shattuck Nyberg, “Getting Around” column, Baltimore Evening Sun, May 10, 1935]Related entries & more

boondoggle (n.)“浪费性支出”,尤其是政府打着公共利益的幌子,1935 年 4 月,美式英语;早些时候,它是一种由童子军制作并戴在脖子或帽子上的编织皮革挂绳的名称。从这个意义上说,它是从 1930 年开始证明的,根据当代的说法,这个东西和这个词是在 1928 年左右由纽约州罗切斯特的童子军之箭组织发明的。这个名字可能是任意的;一旦它成为一个流行词,一些报纸就声称它是“小工具”的先驱词,但缺乏证据证明这一点。1929 年夏天,威尔士亲王在大露营时被罗切斯特童子军赠送了一个,并穿着它,而这个笨蛋首先引起了公众的注意。 1935 年 4 月上旬,纽约市爆发了一场关于新政白领救济工作计划浪费的争论,其中包括一个男人整天都在做傻事。头条新闻作家使用了这个词,它立即成为一个轻蔑的名词或形容词,用来指代失业者的临时工作项目。这些胡说八道到底是怎么回事?如果我们不知道,那不是因为我们没有试图找出答案。这个词首先由联邦救济调查中的证人使用,风靡全国。 [Frances Shattuck Nyberg,“出行”专栏,巴尔的摩太阳晚报,1935 年 5 月 10 日]相关条目及更多

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