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"This isn’t the disaster that some predicted – but it is a messy, convoluted affair with some very contrived plotting," he went on.

She said the justice’s argument in this abortion case “invites a contrived approach, saying ‘Well, was there same-sex marriage in 1790?’”
她说,法官在这起堕胎案中的论点“引来了一种人为的做法,说‘好吧,1790 年有同性婚姻吗?’”
Washington Post

But the Supreme Court in June 2019 ruled that the rationale “appears to have been contrived,” and a week later the Trump administration abandoned its quest to ask about citizenship in the 2020 census.
但最高法院在 2019 年 6 月裁定,理由“似乎是人为设计的”,一周后,特朗普政府放弃了在 2020 年人口普查中询问公民身份的要求。
New York Times

make or work out a plan for; devise
v. 谋划,策划;设计,发明;设法做到


When you contrive, you make a plan or a plot. It may take you longer to contrive your way out of doing your homework than would to actually do it.

Even though contrive often has a false or cunning feel to it, it is not always a bad thing. Mental effort is always required though, as contrive is often used in connection with inventing schemes and plans to make something happen. Contraption, a complicated mysterious device that does something, is related to contrive. Have you ever seen a Rube Goldberg contraption? When you contrive to do something, your plan may end up being that complicated.
尽管 contrive 通常给人一种虚假或狡猾的感觉,但它并不总是坏事。但是,总是需要脑力劳动,因为设计通常与发明计划和计划以实现某事有关。 Contraption,一种复杂的神秘装置,可以做某事,与contrive有关。你见过 Rube Goldberg 的装置吗?当您设法做某事时,您的计划最终可能会变得如此复杂。

Alice turned and walked back to the cluster of stalls, her gait dainty and contrived, as though a misguided person had taught her how to walk “like a lady.”
Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“I wish we could contrive it,” said she; “but I cannot think of any tolerable pretence for going in;—no servant that I want to inquire about of his housekeeper—no message from my father.”
“我希望我们能想出办法,”她说。 “但我想不出有什么可以容忍的借口进去;——没有我想向他的管家打听的仆人——没有我父亲的消息。”
Emma by Jane Austen

By means of them he contrived to persuade the people just as he used to persuade a man.
Words Like Loaded Pistols by Sam Leith

contrive (v.)early 14c., controve, contreve, "to invent, devise, plan;" late 14c., "to manage by a plan or scheme," from Old French controver (Modern French controuver) "to find out, contrive, imagine," from Late Latin contropare "to compare" (via a figure of speech), from an assimilated form of Latin com "with, together" (see con-) + tropus "song, musical mode," from Greek tropos "figure of speech" (from PIE root trep- "to turn").Sense evolution (in French) was from "invent with ingenuity" to "invent falsely." Spelling in English was altered by the same unexplained 15c. sound change that also affected briar, friar, choir. Related: Contrived; contriving.Related entries & more 

contrive (v.)14c. 早期,controve,contreve,“发明,设计,计划;” 14 世纪晚期,“通过计划或方案进行管理”,来自古法语 controver(现代法语 controuver)“找出、设计、想象”,来自晚期拉丁语 contropare “比较”(通过比喻),来自拉丁语 com“与,一起”(见 con-)+ tropus“歌曲,音乐模式”的同化形式,来自希腊语 tropos“修辞格”(来自 PIE 词根
trep-“to turn”)。意义进化(在French)从“巧思发明”到“假发明”。相同的无法解释的 15c 改变了英语的拼写。声音变化也影响了 briar、friar、合唱团。相关:做作; contriving.Related 条目及更多

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