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"She was someone who very easily built rapport with people from different backgrounds, different classes, different socio-economic backgrounds."

“We have good rapport with many portions of the community, but I would say, you know, just like any other demographic bloc, we are working to do more and make sure that it’s sustained.”
New York Times

Mr. Modi seems to enjoy a good rapport with Russia’s leader, Vladimir V. Putin, with whom he shares certain strongman characteristics.
莫迪先生似乎与俄罗斯领导人弗拉基米尔·V·普京 (Vladimir V. Putin) 关系融洽,他们具有某些强人特征。
New York Times

a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people


Rapport is a good sense of understanding and trust. If you have good rapport with your neighbors, they won’t mind if you kick your ball onto their property every now and then.

If you have rapport with someone, you two communicate with trust and sympathy. The word is often used to mean good interaction between people in different positions or roles such as parent and teacher, teacher and student, doctor and patient, supervisor and worker, or speaker and audience. It is always important to establish rapport with people you come into contact with regularly. Pronounce this borrowed word from the French ra-POOR.
如果您与某人融洽相处,那么你们两个会以信任和同情的方式进行交流。这个词通常用来表示处于不同位置或角色的人之间的良好互动,例如父母与老师、老师与学生、医生与患者、主管与工人或演讲者与听众。与您经常接触的人建立融洽关系始终很重要。发音是从法语 ra-POOR 借来的词。

Professional horticulturists found a home there, some for a year or two, others spending their entire careers at Behnke’s, where they developed a rapport and friendship with regular customers.
专业园艺师在那里找到了归宿,有的在这里住了一两年,有的在 Behnke's 度过了他们的整个职业生涯,在那里他们与常客建立了融洽的关系和友谊。
Perspective | Behnke’s closure is a reminder of the tight rope that many garden centers face by ???

Yet that very same rapport also got him into trouble.
The Woman All Spies Fear by Amy Butler Greenfield

He said that while he was raised Catholic — and his Irish Catholic mother was thrilled at his inclusion in the exhibit — he had had no previous rapport with the Vatican.
ArtsBeat: New Entrant to Venice Biennale: the Vatican by RACHEL DONADIO

rapport (n.)1660s, "reference, relation, relationship," from French rapport "bearing, yield, produce; harmony, agreement, intercourse," back-formation from rapporter "bring back; refer to," from re- "again" (see re-) + apporter "to bring," from Latin apportare "to bring," from ad "to" (see ad-) + portare "to carry" (from PIE root per- (2) "to lead, pass over"). The Old French noun was report "pronouncement, judgment," from reporter "to tell, relate" (see report (v.)).Especially "harmonious relation; accord or agreement; analogy." Psychological meaning "intense harmonious accord," as between therapist and patient, is first attested 1894, though the word had been used in a similar sense with reference to mesmerism from 1845 (in Poe). Also see report (n.).Formerly often used as a French word, and in en rapport. Johnson [1755] frowns on the word and credits its use in English to Sir William Temple, notorious naturalizer of French terms, who did use it but was not the first to do so. Fowler writes that it was "formerly common enough to be regarded and pronounced as English," but in his time [1926] the word seemed to have reacquired its Frenchness and was thus dispensable.Related entries & more 

rapport (n.)1660s,“参考、关系、关系”,来自法语 rapport “承载、屈服、生产;和谐、一致、交流”,来自 rapporter 的反向形成“带回;参考,”来自重新“再次” ”(参见 re-)+ apporter“带来”,来自拉丁语 apportare“带来”,来自 ad“到”(参见 ad-)+ portare“携带”(来自 PIE 词根
per- (2)“引导,通过”)。古法语名词 report 的意思是“宣告、判断”,来自 reporter 的“告诉、关联”(见 report (v.))。特别是“和谐关系;一致或一致;类比”。 1894 年首次证实了治疗师和患者之间的“强烈和谐一致”的心理含义,尽管从 1845 年(在 Poe 中)起,这个词就以类似的意义被用来指代催眠术。另见 report (n.)。以前经常用作法语单词,并用于 en rapport。 Johnson [1755] 对这个词不以为然,并将其在英语中的使用归功于 William Temple 爵士,他是臭名昭著的法语术语归化者,他确实使用过它,但不是第一个这样做的人。福勒写道,它“以前很常见,足以被视为英语并发音”,但在他的时代 [1926],这个词似乎重新获得了法语性,因此是可有可无的。相关条目及更多

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